baby blogs for modern parents

we started this site when my wife and i were preparing to have our first child. during that time we heard from many of our family and friends how valuable the site turned out to be. it became our broadcast hub to the happenings of the little man.

since we’re starting this out small, contact us, if you want to get a site here. it’s still really early for us to be taking on too many users. in the world of software development, we’re still pre-alpha.  if you would like to see an example blog, click here.  just remember to say hello to the original littlehellraiser when you do.

create your own space while you’re getting ready for, or already enjoying the company of a little hellraiser of your own. just remember, it’s about having fun and not taking yourself too seriously. is a centralized spot for young (at heart) parents with a modern taste can gather and share their favorite photos, stories and shops with one another… all the while, keeping grandparents around the world happy. you see, we force them to use technology so they can be kept busy clicking links, checking out photos and reading your blog.

and don’t worry if you have a blog elsewhere… you can import your blogs from: blogger, blogware, dotclear, greymatter, livejournal, movabletype, typepad, textpattern and wordpress…

if you use flickr, we can create a photo gallery out of it for you. that way, your family and friends have a one stop shop.